Imago Concept&Image Development - Agencia de Publicidad
  • Healthcare advertising campaigns
    Launch of prescribtion drugs/OTC products
Institutional campaigns
Direct marketing
Strategic consulting
High-value projects
Patient communications
  • Creativity
    Innovative campaigns: Conceptualization and design
Multimedia solutions
Video production
Animation and 3D
  • Medical writing/Publishing
    Preparation of articles for publication in medical journals
Posters and abstracts for scientific meetings
Special issues/Supplements
Scientific review of studies and publications
Medical/Scientific translation
  • Training/e-learning
    Continuing medical education programs
Continuing medical education for nurses
Continuing medical education for trainers
Continuing medical education official accreditation
Sales force training manuals
  • Digital publishing (IOS/Android)
    e-detailing materials for sales representatives
Social media
Web/Web app
  • Events/meetings/stands
    Event management
Event marketing
Meeting organization
Stand building
  • Branding
Brand management
Brand manual
Product packaging
Ideas that form Concepts…
Concepts that become Images…
Images that generate Developments. Imago proposes ideas and creates concepts that become successful communication pieces.
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